The company is housed in a 600m2 place in the town of Livadia with stores, offices, warehouses, places of laboratory check and panel assembly and it has 3 fully-equipped commercial vehicles.

The stores have equipment exhibition rooms, warehouses and customer service areas, while computers have installed modern commercial management software and customer management connected with the company’s servers.

Lab spaces are specially designed for the assembly of electrical panels, featuring equipment of low and medium voltage panels and many special tools and accessories. There are engine and other mechanical equipment test areas.

The equipment for after sales and operation and maintenance (O&M) services includes Thermal Imaging Cameras (FLIR T420), instruments for measuring performance of photovoltaic arrays (TRI-KA, TRI-SEN), polymeters, Amperemeters, Earth Ground Testers, cable insulation resistance testers (METREL EUROTEST), measuring instruments in medium voltage and laptops with specialized management software of related inverters (SMA , ABB, etc.).