Papanikolaou S.A is a continuation of the sole proprietorship of George Papanikolaou, which had been operating active in the field of electrical installations since 1985.


Background is summarized as follows:


Establishment of sole proprietorship George Papanikolaou. Activities in the field of electrical installations and mainly in the supply and manufacture of electromechanical equipment for manufacturing and standardization of agricultural products (gins, packing, etc.) and food industries. The activity included the implementation and delivery of entire factories and electrical installations in hotel complexes.


Establishment of PAPANIKOLAOU S.A. Expansion of commercial activities with the creation of stores selling electrical equipment and lighting for workshops and warehouses. Laboratory Certification in manufacturing electrical panels. Expansion of EPC activities in medium voltage substations and operation and maintenance (O&M) services of industrial plants.


Operation in RES projects, with the marketing of electrical equipment (panels, substations, electrical equipment) and project construction. Creation of a separate Department of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) for RES projects and medium-voltage substations.