Industrial installations

Our company has undertaken the installation or part of electrical installation in various industries and manufacturers in Greece. Our client base includes corporations such as Corinth Pipeworks (Thisbe factory), Greek Cables ( Thebes factory), EL.VAL Color (Thebes factory), VECHRO (Petra-Viotia), Parnassos Food (in Elaionas-Thebes), Aldi Super Markets (Livadia & Thebes) & Marinopoulos (Livadeia), Kopaidiki Farm, Parnassos Ski Centre.


Cotton Gins

Our company undertook the full installation of the ginning factory Q-Cotton. Εngineering and construction (installation and operation panels) were performed and the facility was finally set into operation.

Similar facilities were constructed in Petra-Voiotia, the ginning plant of Sklapanis in Livadeia-Voiotia, in Alamana, two ginning factories in the train station of Livadia and on Western Pellas.



Our company has undertaken the electrical installation in various hotels, complexes in Greece. Our clients include hotels such as Alpen House, Arahova Inn, Parnasia Hotel, Electra Hotel (in Stavros-Thessaloniki).